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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The Definite Article - (The)

We use "the" to talk about something we already know!
The boy - O menino
The boys - Os meninos
The girl - A menina
The girls - As meninas
When to use the Definite Article:

1.Before already mentioned nouns:
He wrote some letters and postcards. The letters were to his girlfriend.
Ele escreveu algumas cartas e cartões-postais. As cartas eram para sua namorada.
Mary bought a funny dress. The dress is full of small animals and big flowers.
Mary comprou um vestido engraçado. O vestido é cheio de animaizinhos e flores enormes.
2. Unique nouns on their species:
The Sun (o sol), the Moon (a lua), the sky (o céu), the planet Earth (o planeta Terra), the universe (o universo), etc.
3.  Geoghrapical names:
The Amazonas River, The Pacif Ocean, The English Channel (O Canal da Mancha), The North Pole, The Sahara, The Gulf of Mexico, The Bahamas, The Alps, etc.
4. Adjectives used as nouns in the plural form:
The poor (os pobres), The powerful (os poderosos), The good (os bons), The bad (os maus)
Obs: How can we do with the nouns on the singular form? for example: "o poderoso" or "a pobre"?
The powerful man helped the poor woman. (O poderoso ajudou a pobre.)
5. Compound nouns form countries:
The United Kingdom (o Reino Unido)
The United States (os Estados Unidos)
The United Arab Emirates (os Emirados Árabes Unidos)
The Dominican Republic (a República Dominicana) 
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