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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The lost ship

5th December 1872
The weather is fine. The wind is blowing 
and the ship is sailing quickly. 
The men are happy. We are sailing between
Cuba and Florida. We are going to be in 
Florida soon. We are going to reach 
Florida is three or four days...

This is the Captain of the ship.
He is in his cabin. He is writing in the
ship's log book.
The Captain writes in the log book every day.
He writes about the weather and he writes 
about the ship. He also writes about the men
of the ship.
The ship is old. It is a sailing ship. 
The wind blows and the ship sails.
The Captain and his men are going home. 
They are going to rech home soon. They are
well and happy.

-"Captain! There's a strange ship near us.
Can you come on deck?".

Now the Captain and all the men are on deck.
They are looking at the strange ship.

-"It's a very strange ship. There's no name 
on the ship. There are no men?"

The Captain is shouting, "Hallo! Is anybody
there? Can you hear me? Is anybody there?"
But there is no answer from the strange ship.
Where are the men on the ship?
Are they ill?
The Captain gets into a small boat. 
Two men go in the boat with him. 
They row across to the strange ship.
They are going to look for the men on the ship.
The Captain is on the deck of the strange ship.
The two men are with him. They walk along the 
deck. They go to the ship's wheel.
There is nobody at the wheel. Nobody is 
steering the ship. The ship is sailing in 
the wind. The wind is steering the ship.

The Captain shouts: "Is anybody here?"

There is no answer. There is nobody on deck.
The Captain is below deck, He is looking for 
the ship's men. He cannot find them.
Now he is in the cabin where the men eat. 
There is a table.
There is food on the table. But who is going
to eat the food?
There is water in the jug. But who is going to
drink the water.
There is a cigar in the ashtray. But who is
smoking the cigar?
This is the Captain's cabin. But the Captain is
not here. There is nobody in the cabin.
There is a table and a chair. The ship's log
book and a photograph are on the table.
The ship's log is open.
The Captain reads the log book. He sees the
photograph on the table. He picks it up. 
He looks at the photograph.

-"No! No! It can't be!"

The Captain looks at the photograph. It is a
photograph of a man. The Captain looks in 
the mirror on the cabin wall. He looks at the 
face in the photograph. They are the same.
It is a photograph of him self!
The Captain runs up on deck. There is  thick
 mist around the ship.
The Captain looks around. He can see nobody.
 He can see nothing.
Where is his ship? Where are his men?
He cannot see the sun. He is alone.

I do not know the date.
Where am I? I do not know.
I am the Captain of this ship. 
Where Am I going? I do not know.
What is my name?
What is the name of this ship?
I do not know. I am waiting ...
Another ship is going to take to my place.
Then I can rest. 
I am waiting...


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